My Cool Inventions Weekday 05/12/2016

So you say your snow shovel was too heavy! Your rake and spade could be next! Need some help? Check out The Heft! It’s the invention of our Inventor, Marco Longley, and he’s pitching it to you on today’s show! Check it out and remember to vote! My Cool Inventions for May 12, 2016

My Cool Inventions Weekday 05/11/2016

Ever balanced your favorite beverage on the arm of your sofa? Are you constantly reaching for your drink on the coffee table? Then our Inventor today, Barry Freeder, has come up with the perfect solution! The “CouchCoaster”! Check it out on the link below! My Cool Inventions for May 11, 2016

My Cool Inventions Weekday 05/10/2016

Everyone loves music and now that we’ll be outside more there’s nothing like taking your tunes on the go. Our Inventor today, Charles Coleman, has come up with a way that your music can be just as involved with your sports as you are with a Bluetooth Music Sports Ball! Check out the show by […]

My Cool Inventions Weekday 05/09/2016

Sometimes a regular hairpin is just not enough! Introducing the PinTwist. It’s the world’s largest hair pin! Why do you need the world’s largest hairpin? Our Inventor today, Tara Mosley, has the answer and will be pitching her newest invention on the show! My Cool Inventions for May 9th, 2016

America Voted! My Cool Inventions Weekly Recap for 05/06/2016

Thousands of American’s voted and we have the results! 4 great American Inventors were featured this week on My Cool Inventions and each pitched their hearts out to our audience. Click the link below to listen to the show and see how your favorite inventions of the week did. Please remember to “Like” our Facebook […]

My Cool Inventions Weekday 05/05/2016

What do you do with all of your used Mason Jars? Give them new life with the reCap pour caps! Our inventor today, Karen Rzepecki, has taken a favorite for canning and storage and made it available to take “On the Go”! My Cool Inventions for May 5, 2016

My Cool Inventions Weekday 05/04/2016

Do you like to entertain but your bar skills leave a little to be desired? Our Inventor JC Davis has the perfect solution with his invention, Barbarian! Check it out and listen to the show. Inventor and Mom-preneur Tracy Sanders joins us today to talk about women and inventing. My Cool Inventions for May 4th, […]

My Cool Inventions Weekday 05/03/2016

Tired of searching for the matching belts to your suit or outfit? Do you have belts stored in closets, drawers or on the floor? Our Inventor believes he has the solution! Inventor Adnan Lekic pitches his inventionĀ Belt Organizer on today’s show! My Cool Inventions for May 3rd, 2016

My Cool Inventions Weekday 05/02/2016

How would you like to never fill your sink to do dishes or as a repository for your food scraps? Our Inventor today, Tonis Tollasepp, has the perfect solution! The “InSink” is like an organizer for your sink! Check it out on today’s show! My Cool Inventions for May 2nd, 2016