My Cool Inventions Weekday for 04/26/2017

Here’s the Pitch: We’re all looking for ways to spend quality time with friends and family and a game of cards is a great way to do it. But those paper boxes the cards come in fall apart quickly and then your cards are easily lost or damaged. Then when it’s time to play a game, those draw and discard piles get knocked over and it’s tough to play if you don’t have a level surface. Our Inventor today, Chris Nichols, thinks he has created a perfect solution that will solve the problem! He’s pitching his invention, the Card Caddy on today’s show! Watch And Vote here and on Facebook and let our inventor know what you think by voting “Thumbs Up” or Thumbs Down” on their pitch! Please remember to “Like” our page and “Share” our videos. By doing so you help to get the word out about this inventor and others that have been on the show!

My Cool Inventions Weekday for April 26, 2017

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