My Cool Inventions Weekday for 08/10/2017

Millions of people love their pets. Their an extension of our family and it’s tough seeing them get older. Some suffer from arthritis, others anxiety and allergies. Introducing the solution…Lulu Bell’s Wonder Wear!

Wonder Wear is comprised of copper-infused fabric that helps relieve pain through its compression fit around your dog’s shoulders, torso and hips. Wonder Wear contains a pocket along the top of the garment to easily insert the warm/cool gel pack that is included with the garment to provide instant relief for what ails your dog by decreasing inflammation and increasing circulation.

The design of the garment “hugs your dog” with compression and provides a feeling of comfort. That comfort feeling will help your dog who suffers from anxiety related problems. Anxiety and trembling caused by loud noises like the door bell or weather related noises could be reduced dramatically because your dog wears Wonder Wear all the time!

My Cool Inventions Weekday for August 10, 2017

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