My Cool Inventions Weekday for 11/08/2017

Here’s the Pitch: Youthful skin stretches and regains its shape thanks to elastin, the body’s naturally elastic protein. As we age our limited supply of elastin decreases; eventually leading to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles, dull hair and the look of sparse lashes and brows. Until now there has been no way to […]

My Cool Inventions Weekday for 11/7/2017

Here’s the Pitch: When going on a walk with Fido, there are many essentials you will both need to bring along on the journey. Leashes, poop bags, treats, keys, cellphone, and water, are a few important items to have. Carrying these items around on your excursion can be a challenge. Our Inventor today, Michelle Glasser, […]

My Cool Inventions Weekday for 11/01/2017

Here’s the Pitch: Hanging anything from a ceiling in schools, business and churches can be a real pain! Look up and you see all kinds of paper clips, metal ties and contraptions holding things over your head. That can be dangerous. Let’s be honest, it’s down right ugly! Our Inventor today, Benny Bliss, thinks he […]