My Cool Inventions Weekday for 12/13/2017

Here’s the Pitch: Let’s face it, whether you’re a rower, a boater, a horseback rider, a motorcycle rider, a bicyclist, a mom who wants to watch her kids in the backyard from the convenience of her home, or a dad who wants to watch his steaks grilling while sitting on the couch watching football there’s no simple easy way to do it without having eyes in the back of our head. Our Inventor today, Melissa Thompson, thinks that she has the perfect solution that will solve the problem! She’s pitching Hyndsight Vision, on today’s show! Watch And Vote here and on Facebook and let our inventor know what you think by voting “Thumbs Up” or Thumbs Down” on their pitch! Please remember to “Like” our page and “Share” our videos. By doing so you help to get the word out about this inventor and others that have been on the show!

My Cool Inventions For December 13, 2017

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