Inventions Take Flight Here!

We’ve talked to 1,000’s of inventors over the last 6 years. Each had his or her own story to tell. The trials and tribulations of being an inventor or innovator never stops. From nurturing an idea, seeing it produced and sold is a long process and many drop by the wayside because of the journey. Some just aren’t prepared for the road ahead. At My Cool Inventions we strive to provide the knowledge base, support and exposure that some inventors need to take it to the next level. Want to try out your pitch? Do you need the expert advice from two pitchmen that have over $3-billion dollars in sales and a track record of success? Then wait no more! The opportunity is FREE! Submit your product or invention right here on our website! We’d love to have you on our national syndicated radio show, digital TV Inventions and Gadgets channel and possibly have you as one of the featured inventors on EVINE’s Inventor Showdown!

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