My Cool Inventions for 03/19/18

Parallel Guided Power Saw. The main idea of this saw is to move the tools over material and not the materials as in the table saw, router table, and drill press. This invention refers to the guide carrying the tools. The guide is very simple and very precise and can be made of any length […]

My Cool Inventions for 03/05/2018

Inventor Tonis Tollasepp FOOD PREP, DISHWASHING & CLEAN-UP MADE EASY WITH … INSINK 4-1 The suction bar allows you to place either the Kaddy or Kup almost anywhere in your sink for left or right handed orientation. Directing food scraps from the cutting board into the Katcher (on top of the Kaddy) allows you to […]

My Cool Inventions for 03/02/2018

Here’s the Pitch: Craft Breweries are opening up all over America. From their amazing IPA’s to Porters, Ambers, Citrus and uniquely flavor beer concoctions. They’re incredibly popular even with their beer being somewhat expense.  Our Inventor today, Peter Hanley, thinks that he has the perfect solution that will solve the problem! He’s pitching Go Mad […]