My Cool Inventions for 03/05/2018

Inventor Tonis Tollasepp


The suction bar allows you to place either the Kaddy or Kup almost anywhere in your sink for left or right handed orientation. Directing food scraps from the cutting board into the Katcher (on top of the Kaddy) allows you to free up space on the cutting board, keeps scraps contained rather than having to take your cutting board to the garbage or composter all the time. When the Kaddy is full, simply lift off the suction bar, dump the scraps into the garbage or composter and re-attach. You can also use the Kaddy as a colander to rinse and drain fruits and vegetables. Rather than filling the sink to wash dishes, just fill the Kup and wash as you go.

INSINK 4-1 simplifies kitchen workflow from food prep, dishwashing and clean up while saving time, water, energy & money while improving safety. INSINK 4-1 features the Katcher (simple funnel), Kaddy (can be used as a colander) and Kup (used for holding liquids), two suction bars and a brush.

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