My Cool Inventions for 06/08/2018

Tim Roberts and Pond Jonz Traveling with chairs is a pain and storing them can be even more of a pain. Tim Roberts believes he has invented the perfect camping, fishing, and just everyday use chair with Pond Jonz. Fold flat, travels easily, fishing pole holder, and can seat up to 400 lbs.

My Cool Inventions for 06/07/2018

Roland Mourning and the Auto Lotto Scratcher Pen Scratching Lotto scratch-offs can be a pain. Finding a coin or using your fingernail gets messy. Well, now it’s easier with the Auto Lotto Scratcher Pen. This amazing pen will let you play scratchers like never before. Faster, Less mess, and just plain cool to use.

My Cool Inventions for 06/06/2018

Lindsay Lynch and the Illuminated Candle Picture Holder If you could manage to merge candle-lit traditions with photos into a single, safe, decorative display; how amazing would that be?! Our innovative product does just that! It’s an easy-to-use candle holder that offers its own beautiful illumination and is ideal for life-celebration events as well as […]

My Cool Inventions for 06/05/2018

Harold Lamson and The Grill Divider Ever have trouble cooking different foods at different temperatures on your grill? Well here is a solution, The Grill Divider. This divider splits your cooking area up on the grill to allow for different cooking temps on the same grill. Control your grilling with The Grill Divider.

My Cool Inventions for 06/04/2018

Angelyn Myers and the My “Buddy Towel” Kids use up a lot of towels. Sometimes they just run around wet not using one at all! The My “Buddy Towel” is the solution. This towel is a onesie that kids can wear, run around in and play while they dry off. No more wrapping and fighting […]