My Cool Inventions for 07/31/2018

Betty and Ray Skursky with the Procliner If you experience tight or tired muscles, discomfort or pain, during or after sitting at a desk or standing at a stand-up desk, the Procliner has been scientifically designed and developed to reduce strain and stress on your neck, shoulders, upper back, low back, hips, legs, knees and […]

My Cool Inventions for 07/27/2018

Mark Viau with BackPal The BackPal was invented to lighten your pack and help your back. The BackPal helps to organize the load in your backpack and distribute the weight properly to keep strain off your back.

My Cool Inventions for 07/16/2018

Michael Script with SnapStrap The SnapStrap is an easy to use strap for all your strapping needs It is tuff, durable, and can hold 150 pounds. Don’t fuss with tying and untying knots anymore when you use the SnapStrap.

My Cool Inventions for 07/12/2018

Christine Hullgen with Pawsitive Pet Trainer The Pawsitive Pet Trainer is a patented, hand-held, portable, lightweight, maintenance-free device that creates a jarring noise to stop your pets from uncontrollable barking, jumping or just misbehaving, just by changing your pets thought process.

My Cool Inventions for 07/11/2018

Dale Burress with Trailer Ball The Trailer Ball is added security for your trailer. The ball fits into the hole where your trailer attaches to the trailer ball on your vehicle. This prevents someone from just hooking on to your trailer and taking what is not theirs.

My Cool Inventions for 07/09/2018

Ronald Golembieski and The Pocket Shelf The Pocket Shelf is a portable shelf that fits in your pocket and travels with you where you go. Never sit your drink or phone on the ground again with The Pocket Shelf.