My Cool Inventions for 10/24/2018

Jarrod Colacino with the Stopper Buddy. A drain stopper for the bathroom or kitchen. I’m sorry our timing is a little off, they have decided to move our live show to 7 p.m. temporarily to see how it works. I will try to get you the images the night before as long as I have […]

My Cool Inventions for 10/23/2018

Terron Somerville with the “Load and Clean”. A dish washing scrubber with a handle the holds soap and dispenses it into the sponge.

My Cool Inventions for 10/17/2018

Mike Fultz with Stops The Sting Let’s face it, bee stings sting, fire ant bites burn, mosquito bites itch, and insect stings in general hurt…a lot! Be ready with Stops The Sting! We spent a lot of time and money finding the perfect combination of natural ingredients, that are safe and effective for all ages […]

My Cool Inventions for 09/27/2018

Rachel Cardis with Tiny Tote Along Diaper Bag The Tiny Tote Along Diaper Bag is a hands free diaper bag that attaches to any car seat, it can fold to fit in your pocket, and holds up to 2 diapers.

My Cool Inventions for 09/26/2018

Judith Samson with the BraBridge The BraBridge is a discreet clip that was invented to reduce side boob, lift, hold, help you look slimmer, and give more confidence.