My Cool Inventions Weekday for 08/18/2016

Here’s the Pitch: No matter where you go you carry your favorite beverage, but you don’t always want to be carrying it! Sometimes you need a place to put it. Our inventor today Peter Vinal thinks he’s found the perfect solution…the Drink Genie! He claims it does more than all other drink holders and cup […]

My Cool Inventions Weekday for 07/07/2016

Your look can be important, in business and in life. Ever have a shirt collar that won’t behave? Always curling or lay down wrong? Our inventor today has the solution…the Stiff Collar Stay¬†andJorge Gutierrez pitches his invention on the show. Make sure to go to our Facebook page and vote for this great inventor! My […]

My Cool Inventions Weekday 05/02/2016

How would you like to never fill your sink to do dishes or as a repository for your food scraps? Our Inventor today, Tonis Tollasepp, has the perfect solution! The “InSink” is like an organizer for your sink! Check it out on today’s show! My Cool Inventions for May 2nd, 2016  

My Cool Inventions Weekday 04/19/2016

Potty training a child can be difficult! Unlike floor potties and other training aids that have to be dumped and scrubbed after every use, the Splatter Shield seems to be the perfect solution! Inventor Arthur Lattanzi pitches his unique invention on today’s show! My Cool Inventions for April 19, 2016