My Cool Inventions for 05/14/2018

The Tucky by inventor Rebecca Katz The Tucky is a single blanket with two edges and distinct sleeping compartments for two users. The invention is comprised of two individual blankets within a larger shared blanket. The two individual blankets are attached with a hidden seam to the top layer. The hidden seam falls where both […]

My Cool Inventions for 05/03/2018

Tom Tanglos and BioCushion Biocushion is a device designed to help you in your workouts and show you results. If you going through a strength rehabilitation process or just generally working out Biocushion will show you results.

My Cool Inventions for 05/02/2018

Mashannon Ferris and Mashcaps Mashcaps are a part that slides on the frames of glasses. Inside that part is a magnet. Then choose a mini bottle cap with an image of a soccer ball, emoji, animal, etc. The caps magnetically adhere so they won’t fall of easily and can be changed to decorate your frames.

My Cool Inventions for 05/01/2018

Inventor Sheldon Levinson and the No Tools Rain Saving Device People who care about the planet and it’s natural resources now have an easy way to save Rainwater. With the No Tools Rain Saving Device there is no cutting and no adapters to have Rainwater go into their tanks or deep water their landscape. It’s […]

My Cool Inventions for 04/30/2018

Lee Ann Bell with passwordFast PasswordsFast is a standalone electronic password keeper that allows you to store all your usernames, passwords, and PIN numbers. All you have to remember is one simple password to access all your other passwords. Because it’s not connected to the internet it takes the place of unsecure methods such as […]

My Cool Inventions for 04/27/2018

Sugar McMillian (That’s a male) with “Easy Hook” The Original Dog Hook A customizable, mobile pet docking station that allows your dog to control boundaries and be a part of the environment without dominating the environment with gates or crates.

My Cool Inventions for 04/26/2018

Steven Vorpahl and GlideGuys Universal Furniture Glide Need something to protect your flooring but lets your furniture move when needed. Steve believes he has you covered with the GlideGuys Universal Furniture Glide. DUAL “TILT/SWIVEL” FUNCTION LEVELS LEG ANGLE TO FLOOR. The FREE SPINNING / ROLLING BASE EASILY ATTACHES TO FURNITURE and has INTERCHANGEABLE BASES, FELT […]

My Cool Inventions for 04/25/2018

Frank Prokop and the Handle With Care Spoon Handle with Care Products are durable, non-slip, plastic eating utensils that allow people who have difficulty gripping to have independence when eating. They grip you so that you don’t have to grip them.

My Cool Inventions for 04/24/2018

Chris Nichols and the Card Caddy So you love card games, but it always seems someone knocks over the cards and you lose the order they’re supposed to be in. Our Inventor today, Chris Nichols, thinks he has created a perfect solution that will solve the problem! Whether you’re a hurried parent who wants a […]

My Cool Inventions for 04/23/2018

Steven Kaayaka and the NoBrella Flower Vase TheNoBrella® Flower Vase fits in any patio table umbrella hole 1 9/16″ or larger and turns it into an amazing floral centerpiece. The perfect addition to your patio table when you not using an umbrella. Just drop the NoBrella in the empty umbrella hole, add your favorite fresh […]

Go Mad Hops

My Cool Inventions for 03/26/2018

Peter Hanley with Go Mad Hops Go Mad Hops is a way to turn an ordinary light beer into a great tasting flavored beer. All it take is a couple drops of the Go Mad Hops flavor you want in a cup and then pour in your ordinary light beer and watch it transform. There […]

My Cool Inventions for 03/22/2018

Jacob Hassidim with Diamond Veneer Travel Collection We are introducing the revolutionary process of treating Cubic zirconia with a veneer of carbon diamond particles, crystallizing around the entire stone resulting in a flawless “G” color on the diamond color scale. This vaporization process under extreme heat and pressure conditions significantly increases (five times) the fire, […]