My Cool Inventions for 01/15/2019

Michael Swisher with the Accu911. The Accu911 is a beacon to alert emergency services to your exact location as cell phone service is much less accurate.

My Cool Inventions for 11/14/2018

James Adolfino with the “Illuminated/Magnetic” work and hobby glove. A magnetic work glove with a light at the end of the pointer finger.

My Cool Inventions for 11/13/2018

Joseph Romaine with the “Mobile Phone Instant Charger”. It’s a bank of batteries so you will always have a charged one to swap in.

My Cool Inventions for 10/24/2018

Jarrod Colacino with the Stopper Buddy. A drain stopper for the bathroom or kitchen. I’m sorry our timing is a little off, they have decided to move our live show to 7 p.m. temporarily to see how it works. I will try to get you the images the night before as long as I have […]

My Cool Inventions for 10/23/2018

Terron Somerville with the “Load and Clean”. A dish washing scrubber with a handle the holds soap and dispenses it into the sponge.