America Voted: My Cool Inventions Weekly Recap 04/08/2016

America voted and we have the results! 4 great American Inventors were featured this week on My Cool Inventions and each had some pretty cool Inventions! Arlin Blum and the R/C Fishing Pole Ken and Tiffany Mackey and the Twist and Sip Lid Charles Coleman and the Heated Bluetooth Hoodie Jeff Rosenberger and Charboss Click […]

My Cool Inventions Weekday 04/07/2016

Be the Master of the Grill! The Boss of the Flame! That’s the Pitch of Inventor Jeff Rosenberger as he introduced his new, all natural, wooden grill scrapper called the “The Charboss”! Listen to his pitch and make sure to go to Facebook and “Like” or page so you get the latest inventive information! My […]

My Cool Inventions Weekday 04/06/2016

Here’s the Pitch: Running, riding and taking a leisurely stroll, it’s always nice to bring your tunes with your wherever you go! Our Inventor today, Charles Coleman, thinks he’s found the solution! Check out today’s My Cool Inventions and then go to our Facebook page and vote! My Cool Inventions for April 6, 2016

My Cool Inventions Weekday 04/05/2016

You don’t like your coffee black. Imagine never having to open another sugar packet or creamer pod ever again! Our Inventor Ken Mackey has found an innovative solution with his wife Tiffany. Their invention, the Twist And Sip Lid is featured today on My Cool Inventions! My Cool Inventions for April 5, 2016