My Cool Inventions for 01/23/2019

Michael Swisher with the Accu911. The Accu911 is a beacon to alert emergency services to your exact location as cell phone service is much less accurate.

My Cool Inventions for 06/26/2018

Collin Iacarella with NoSweat NoSweat® is a lifestyle brand and manufacturer of products built to increase performance, safety and hygiene for anyone who sweats and wears some type of hat, helmet, visor, or hard hat.

My Cool Inventions Weekday for 12/07/2017

Here’s the Pitch: What happens when your phone drops while the charge cord is hooked in! The cable breaks or frays. You can’t keep replacing them every time you drop your device! Our Inventor today, George Zaytoun , think that he has the perfect solution that will solve the problem! He’s pitching ChargeGuardZ, on today’s […]