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Invention Submission Instructions

Ready to share your invention with the world? Submit your invention to join industry expert Akos Jankura My Cool Inventions syndicated Radio and Streaming TV. With an audience of 250,000+ (across platforms including Roku, Amazon Fire, Android TV, Facebook Live, & YouTube) you will have the opportunity to explain your product, learn from our experts, and pitch to our amazing viewers and listeners. Akos has over 30 years of experience pitching, selling, and explaining the latest products and technology to customers around the world. Inventors that have been on My Cool Inventions have gone on to have huge success on shopping channels, in retail stores, and online! Learn more about Akos, click on the “About Us” link on our site!

On the show you will have the chance to do a “Minute Pitch” following which our audience will vote and provide feedback on your product. Akos will also provide you valuable tips to enhance your sales pitch while demonstrating your product live and allowing you to share your story. In addition to the immediate audience feedback you will receive, our team can provide additional opportunities to get your product in front of top industry buyers, introduce you to manufacturers able to lower your production costs, or assist you in creating professional product videos/commercials for use on crowdfunding sites (like Kickstarter and IndidGoGo), in sales pitches, or on your own site. Let our experts help you take your invention to the next level… You could have the next million dollar idea!

Fill out the below form and a team member will call to assist you with scheduling your appearance and answer any questions you may have about the process. Please note that we do require all featured products to have Patents or Patent Pending status before appearing on the show. This is to protect your idea or invention. You should also be prepared to provide presentation/imaging samples ahead of your appearance, and if you have stock available, we would love to feature your item on during your airing as well. Ask about our exclusive Da Vinci Club product testing program for a shot at even more exposure and consumer/expert feedback!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Rest assured, your submission will be reviewed by our My Cool Inventions radio producers and staff. Submission Instructions (Important to Follow!)

We want to make the best decision on your product. So we need you to fill in as much information as possible on the form below.

Important: Any information or question with an asterisk (*) needs to be filled out or agreed to before your product can be submitted. If you have samples or a sell sheet of your product or invention please mark that on your submission in the space provided on the form. Your sell sheet should include Image, Features and Benefits, Cost Price, Lead Time and FOB Location (If you already know this information).

When you are ready to submit click the button on the bottom of the submission form make sure you click on the ‘Agree With Terms and Conditions’ box so that your invention is submitted properly. It will not send without that step being complete. Click Here to review the Terms and Conditions of Submission to My Cool Inventions Radio and TV.

We are seeking new product / invention submissions in these categories:
Home Solutions, Kitchen, Electronics, Beauty, Health and Fitness Electronics, Nutrition, Diet and Crafts!

(Remember: Any information or question with an asterisk (*) needs to be filled out or agreed to before your product can be submitted. If an asterisk item is left blank your submission will not post.)

Congratulations! Success can be yours!