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Inventions And Gadgets Channel features new innovation, inventions and gadgets from America's Inventors on RokuTV, Amazon FireTV, AndroidTV, Facebook LIVE and YouTube LIVE!

My Cool Inventions is on it's biggest search yet for America’s best new invention! We've set out to uncover the hottest new products and invention ideas with each show inviting the listener, and soon to be viewer, to be a part of the process by voting on the pitch of the featured inventor and helping to lift, or scuttle, an American inventor’s dream. Thousands of inventors, tinkerers and entrepreneurs have submitted their inventions to get the chance to promote their efforts on the show! That once in a lifetime shot at turning their dreams into realities. The American public narrows down the initial entries to a group of finalists, that are all vying for the possibility of having their invention featured on television shopping channels worldwide. This is a show that helps to make the American dream come true for the dreamers and innovators that participate on the show!