MCI Radio

Everyone thinks they have the next big idea and now they have a chance to prove it. The fastest growing inventions radio show, My Cool Inventions Radio, has continued to expand their national reach with more stations and broadcast a one hour show Monday through Friday with an increased 3 hour weekend version of the popular show and an innovation partnership with HSN, the television shopping channel! Inventors are invited to submit their product for free on their website at ( where they may be selected to pitch their product on the My Cool Inventions radio show. The listeners then get to vote for each product. Everyone gets to be a part of the inventor’s success and hopefully being part of an even larger effort that the show has of helping to lift the American Families that have been hurt in this tough economy. One Invention, one innovation…one American at a time!

“Many people don’t know that one of the most successful TV Shopping Channels actually began on radio,” explains Akos Jankura, known as Akos “The Solutionist.” Akos is an inventor and international presenter who also writes and hosts a weekday radio feature, “Akos The Solutionist,” currently being syndicated on radio stations nationwide. “I’ve teamed up with John Cremeans who is known as ‘The Doctor of Shopolgy,’” says Akos. “John has logged over 30,000 hours of live television shopping and is a pioneer in the industry. He is skilled at getting arm-chair inventors to make their best pitch for their product which is so important in the early development process.” Together the two have more than $3 Billion Dollars in sales.

Every week the show’s listeners are invited to hear the ‘product pitch’ of featured inventors and then vote on their success. “It’s Reality Radio at it’s best”, says John, “We are giving everyday inventors the opportunity to have their idea heard while the audience determines if they like the product or not. If the listeners like the product the inventor will move into the Inventor Launch Pad Program in taking products to market.

During the second and third hour called appropriately, ‘The Inventor’s Showcase’. Inventors are invited to pitch their own products and actually have it for sell on the networks official online store – MyCoolGadgets.Com. This helps in giving the inventor a larger platform to showcase their inventions and making money from doing so. ‘The great part about our show’, says Akos, ‘is the satisfaction of knowing that we’re doing something good for the inventor community.’ The My Cool Inventions Radio duo is poised to identify products and inventions that can become the next great hit.