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Happy 4th of July Weekend

4th Of July Weekend

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Shower Sounds

SHOWER SOUNDS is a Bluetooth-enabled shower caddy which allows cellphone use in the shower and has additional storage for a dry towel and valuables.


NeckRess is a product designed to relieve pain from the cervical area of the neck and back pain, the product uses the individuals muscles to support damaged muscles allowing the tissues to heal.

Rixie Clip

Rixie Clip is a first of it's kind, bra band tightener. To use Rixie Clip, simply slide over your existing band, position to your desired area of comfort and hold, snap into place, and use just as you would the existing band, only with a much tighter, personalized, custom fit!

Double Deadbolt

The "Double-Deadbolt" is a universal multi-function intruder proof locking system for use on all in-swing & out-swing doors. It's 2 deadbolts in 1, and works like a security bar.

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