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Strands By Closet Gold


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Inventor Melissa Garcia

How was Strands by Closet Gold born? Well, clothes are obviously a huge part of my life but most of the time, I love wearing jeans and a t-shirt but of course always needing to make it my own.  So, I’d make my basic jeans and t-shirt, unique and “my own” by accessorizing the heck outta it, which meant adding jewelry – layering necklaces, pulling for a statement earring or stacking on rings.  Which got me thinking, there’s got to be another way to make a t-shirt or jeans edgy, trendy and unique – jewelry can’t be the only answer!

Instead of accessorizing our “body” with jewelry to make our outfits unique – I thought, maybe there’s an edgy and amazing way to accessorize and personalize our CLOTHING which lead to the creation of Strands by Closet Gold – a magnetic piece of decadent texture, edge and style that can be added to almost any shirt, shoes, bag, jeans – let your imagination run wild!  A simple t-shirt, an ordinary pair of jeans or conventional bag is completely transformed into something edgy and amazing when using Strands by Closet Gold.

How do Strands by Closet Gold work? Simply put, Strands by Closet Gold are pieces of decadent edgy trim that you can attach to almost any piece of clothing or accessory.  Since they attach using industrial strength magnets, you won’t compromise the integrity of your pieces.  Let your imagination run wild! Strands by Closet Gold technology is patent pending.

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