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The Go With Me Chair

The Go With Me Chair

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Inventor Kristi Gorinas

In today’s world it always seems we’re constantly on the go and it’s a hassle taking everything we need with us, especially if you have young ones. You always need to prioritize what goes and stays! Introducing, the Go With Me Chair.

Baby Delight was founded in 2000 by a mom who was in need of a product that was not yet in the market place. Who better to think up a product, than a mom or dad in need? Baby Delight continues to support and enable parent-inventors, like Kristi Gorinas – the proud mom-inventor of the Go With Me Chair.

The Go With Me Chair is a portable camp-style chair that weighs only about 7 pounds. That’s less than most newborns. The chair was designed to safely seat an infant (about 3-months old) using the adjustable 5-point harness and grows with your child until school aged (about 8-years old or 75 pounds). The Chair is one of the only baby gear products on the market designed to last 8+ years.

The Go With Me Chair is made with high quality 600-denier polyester with an anti-microbial and UV protectant. It can easily be cleaned chair by hosing it off outside, using mild soap to clean it or just stick it in the shower for a good rinse. It’s best not to leave it outdoors in the elements at all times, but it can withstand getting wet and UV rays.

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