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Hyndsight Vision

Hyndsight Vision

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Inventor Dr. Melissa Thompson

Hindsight Vision Systems have engineered the world’s most versatile 2.4 GHZ wireless camera and monitor system. Not only can it be used for nearly anything, it’s incredibly easy to setup!

Hyndsight can be used for personal security and discreetly view activities at home or in the car. While towing  you can conveniently watch cargo and eliminate dangerous blind spots. The uses are endless! Hyndsight Vision Systems, located in Peterborough, N.H., was established in 2011 after the founder, Melissa Thompson, was volunteering at the Head of the Charles Regatta in Boston. Seeing boats repeatedly collide with each other or the bridges of the Charles River, the idea for a portable, wire-free camera with monitor was born.

Serving an unmet need initially for the rowing community, Hyndsight Vision Systems developed the first product of its kind designed to assist rowers in visualizing where they are going without having to turn and look over their shoulders or wear a tiny mirror on their head. As the product evolved, it became evidently clear that the use of this technology had applications well beyond rowing. Because Hyndsight Vision Systems’ unique camera with monitor kits provide anyone with a clear field of vision and do not require any wiring or installation, they can be used on commercial vehicles, marine vessels, barns, airplanes, and anything else in between.

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