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The Johnson Tie Knot Design

The Johnson Tie Knot Design

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Inventor Jordan Peavey

Conventional ties have knots that don’t match the direction of the pattern on their curtains, so an inventor from Tuskegee, Ala., decided that there needs to be a kind of tie that has an enhanced appearance via matching patterns.

The Johnson Tie Knot Design is the new face of style & uniformity as far as the necktie is concerned. With our design, JTKD provides an unmatched sense of style for those who seek an alternative look along with precision. Our ties, unlike others, allow the design in the knot & curtain to fall in the same direction for a clean and unique look.

The patent-pending Johnson Tie Knot Design provides an alternative look that draws attention via its enhanced appearance. The crux is that it has a uniform pattern direction. Easy to use and producible in design variations, the tie is ideal for businesspeople, politicians, police, firemen, executives, presidents, etc.

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