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The Popcorn Ball

The Popcorn Ball

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Inventor Mike Baxter

Everyone loves popcorn! It’s the #1 snack in the world. When you’re in a movie theater it seems like everyone wants to put their hands in your to get those tiny golden puffs of goodness. It’s a double dipping nightmare! Introducing the Popcorn Ball!

The Popcorn Ball is a 7.5 inch plastic ball for making and mixing popcorn and other foods. It consists of 4 parts. Bottom half, top half, lid, and silicone gasket on lid. It features a flat bottom so it doesn’t roll when sat down, built in mixing fin to aid distribution of contents mixed inside the ball, hinged lid, finger grips on outside for spin action, durable crush resistant design strong enough to withstand over 300lbs. BPA Free plastic. Microwavable. Dishwasher Safe. Durable design. With the Popcorn Ball you can cook popcorn right inside the ball with your microwave or add already cooked popcorn along with your favorite toppings, close the lid and then shake, roll, toss, or spin for evenly coated popcorn. Simplify your steps to making popcorn with a Popcorn Ball. It’s Fast, efficient, and extremely fun to use. Save money by purchasing bulk dry popping corn rather than microwave bags or store bought flavored popcorn. Be in control of your toppings and make healthier popcorn. Take the Popcorn Ball to the movie theater the whole family can mix up perfect popcorn to their personal taste. Also, no greasy butter leaking out the bottom of a paper bag or bucket, freshly store and take home left over popcorn. It’s NOT just for popcorn but use it with salads, chicken wings, tater tots, french fries, Chex mixes, trail mixes, pasta, doughnut holes and so much more.

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